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Wetkret 4

Ideal for mining galleries, thanks to its its heavy-duty chassis, Putzmeister's concrete pump and synchronized additive system

Wetkret 4 is ideal for underground mining thanks to its robust and compact chassis, reduced turning radiuses and crab-mode that allow a major range of movements.

The Putzmeister Wetkret 4 pump guarantees a homogeneous shotcrete application, to be able to ensure the required quality and layer thickness, as well as reducing rebound. Its concrete flow of 20 m3/h allows for increased productivity.

The spraying arm is adapted to your galleries requirements with a maximum vertical and horizontal reach of 8.5 m.

Wetkret 4 also comes equipped with automatic synchronization of the additive dosage with the concrete flow, ICVD hydrostatic transmission without gear to change, an integrated air compressor and optimal weight distribution

Key Features

  • Easy handling: thanks to a dual cable and wireless proportional remote control for seamless arm movements
  • Far reaching: spraying arm with a maximum vertical and horizontal reach of 8.5 m
  • Automatic additive dosage: equipped with an automatic dosing device proportional to the concrete flow, ensuring spraying accuracy and quality
  • Easy maintenance and access to repair points
  • Total autonomy with optional on-board compressor

Technical Details

General Information

  • Length x Width x Height
    7500 x 1900 x 23500 mm
  • Weight
    13000 kg
  • Ground Clearance
    400 mm
  • Wheelbase
    3600 mm
  • Max. Longitudinal Gradient while Driving
    35 %
  • Max. Transversal Gradient while Driving
    30 %
  • Inner Turning Radius
    2800 mm
  • Outer Turning Radius
    6200 mm
  • Drive System Electric
    85 kW
  • Engine
  • Engine Emissions
    IIIA / EPA Tier 3
  • Engine Power
    106 kW
  • Engine Emissions
    EU-Stage IV / EPA Tier 4f
  • Engine Power
    85 kW
  • Max. Speed
    20 km/hr
  • Diesel Tank
    140/100 +10 AdBlue l
  • Additive Pump Adjustment Range
    60-500 l/hr
  • Additive Pump Pressure
    7.5 bar
  • Additive Tank 
    550/710+190 l


Spraying Head DN40

  • Max. Spraying Reach (vertical-horizontal)
    10/8 m
  • Min. unfolding section (vertical-horizontal)
    2.5/3.3 m
  • Arms x Telescopic Stroke 
    4 x 4000 mm
  • Number of axles
  • Max. arm angle
    +65/-40 degree

Concrete Pump PM 1507

  • Material Cylinder Diameter-Stroke Length
    150/1000 mm
  • Output
    up to 20 m³/hr
  • Delivery Pressure
    65 bar
  • Max. Aggregate Size
    16 mm
  • Filling Height
    1200 mm
All data provided is based on experience and depends on the material used. Specifications subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. Other data can be obtained on request.


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