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Piston Pump with an S-Transfer Tube

The Putzmeister- KOS pump is a valveless two-cylinder piston pump for conveying thick media with high solids content. The pump unit consists of a sturdy pump hopper for reliable feeding of material, two hardened delivery cylinders with one piston each and a so-called S-transfer-tube for connection of the delivery cylinders to the output flange.

The changeover of the S-tube is done by two powerful plunger cylinders. Consequently, foreign bodies such as stones or dry running are no problem. Additionally the S- Tube is adjustable to wear in order to use the wear parts extremely long. Two hydraulic cylinders are used as drives for the delivery cylinders. An intermediate waterbox enables flushing and cooling of the cylinders as well as quick replacement of the pistons in case of maintenance. All moving parts are connected to a central grease lubrication (either manual or electrical) system in order to increase their lifetime.

Ideal materials to be conveyed with a KOS include sewage sludge and oil sludge with percentages of foreign bodies, bio-waste and other kinds of waste, chemical and organic high density solids with highest viscosity and highly dewatered sewage sludge. The decades of experience in concrete pumping ensure highest reliability and availability to the pump operator.

Key Features

  • Less suction resistance due to high-volume unrestricted in-feed of material
  • Reinforced S-pipes and S-pipe piston for shearing off the foreign bodies
  • Low maintenance and less prone to wear and tear due to fewer moving parts
  • Agitators in the suction housing for extremely stiff and inhomogeneous materials Different materials for the machine elements for handling abrasive and aggressive media (e.g. special steel for the foodstuff industry)
  • Automatic reverse pumping function for preventing and automatically removing blockages Mixer paddles in the feeding device for homogenizing the materials
  • Conveys coarse sludges or slurries with a high grain-size content
  • S-pipe with “ears” for a quiet delivery line at high pressure
  • Different types of feeding devices on the suction side
  • Hydraulic circuit will always remain separate from material being pumped, even in the event of poor maintenance
  • Damping vessel pipeline flanges on suction inlet of hopper optional with agitator (horizontal or vertical)

Technical Details

General Information

  • Output
    16-385 m³/hr
  • Delivery Pressure
    30-120 bar
  • Delivery Cylinder Diameter - Stroke Length
    150-560/700-2500 mm
  • Weight
    1000-32000 kg


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