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Worldwide Novelty –  First Emission-free Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump
The iONTRON Hybrid is a worldwide novelty due to new integrated solution into the hydraulic pumps line, which saves space and weight - Putzmeister patent is pending.

The e-engine is supplied by the jobsite electricity and no additional battery is needed, which results in more payload reserves for the daily operation of the concrete pump.

Pumping concrete electrically has never been so easy – just “Plug and Pump”.

Available from 20m to 40m Class:

20m Class: for the BSF 24-4 and BSF28-4 with the core pumps 11H and 15iLS
30m Class: for the BSF 36-4 with the core pumps 16H, 15 iLS and 17iLS
40m Class: for the BSF 42-5 and BSF 47-5 with the core pumps 16H, 15iLS and 17 iLS

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Key Features

  • Sound level cut in half
  • Less weight, more space
  • Ready for series production
  • Plug & Pump
  • Perfect for typical site use
  • One switch for maximum flexibility
  • Pumping concrete with zero emissions

Technical Details

General Information

  • Engine
    Hybrid Diesel/Elektro
  • Engine Power
    92 kW


Concrete Pump Cell .11 H

  • Material Cylinder Diameter-Stroke Length
    230/1400 mm
  • Output (piston side)
    110 m³/hr
  • Delivery Pressure (piston side)
    78 bar
  • Strokes (piston side)

Concrete Pump Cell .16 H

  • Material Cylinder Diameter-Stroke Length
    230/2100 mm
  • Output (rod side)
    160 m³/hr
  • Delivery Pressure (rod side)
    85 bar
  • Strokes (rod side) 

Concrete Pump Cell .17

  • Material Cylinder Diameter-Stroke Length
    250/2100 mm
  • Output (piston side)
    170 m³/hr
  • Delivery Pressure (piston side)
    85 bar
  • Strokes (piston side)
All data provided is based on experience and depends on the material used. Specifications subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. Other data can be obtained on request.


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