PUMI 25-4 (NEW Generation)

PUMI 25-4 (NEW Generation)

PUMI 25-4 (NEW Generation) copyright © PM Nordic

PUMI® 25-4 NEW Generation – Success from flexibility

Infinitely variable support, reach everything, work with comfort

Placement is just like support – simple, flexible, versatile
Our PUMl®s 25 -4 and 28-4 NEW Generation are causing a stir with exciting innovative features. The Variable Support System, which offers incredible flexibility not only in confined setup situations, is an absolute necessity for today’s job sites.

Safe support

The ESC (Ergonic Setup Control) safety system from Putzmeister controls the interaction between support and boom to ensure flexible and safe full, narrow and variable support.

4-arm placing boom

The 4-arm placing boom with Z-fold offers optimised slip characteristics. The perfected kinematics enlarges the spatial working range and prevents “dead space”.

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