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Mixkret 4

Reliable Concrete Mixer for Mining Operations

The Putzmeister Mixkret 4 is designed to complete the concrete spraying process in underground mining. The concrete mixing drum has a maximum concrete capacity of 5.2 yd³ (4 m³) and the engine with 176 HP (130 kW) provides great climbing and movement power.

Key Features

  • Front working lights and protective grid
  • Available with liquid additive discharging system
  • Reduced fuel consumption and noise levels
  • Reliable and stable behaviour thanks to low position of gravity center of the mixing drum
  • Integrated Continuously Variable Drive (ICDV) ensures the correct relationship between engine torque and speed
  • Operation at high altitude: AAC (Automatic Altitude Compensation) system for stable engine performance
  • Safety first: automatic speed regulation system enables full-load traveling at the maximum safe speed
  • Mixing drum with a capacity of up to 5.2 yd³ (4 m³)
  • Great mobility and maneuvrability in low tunnels

Technical Details

General Information

  • Length x Width x Height
    6595 x 2200 x 2500 mm
  • Weight 
    9900 kg
  • Ground Clearance
    320 mm
  • Wheelbase
    3350 mm
  • Max. Longitudinal Gradient while Driving
    30 %
  • Max. Transversal Gradient while Driving
    10 %
  • Inner Turning Radius
    2400 mm
  • Outer Turning Radius
    5770 mm
  • Engine
  • Engine Power
    130/2200 rpm kW
  • Engine Emissions
    EU-Stage llI A or EU-Stage V
  • Max. Speed
    20 km/hr
  • Diesel Tank
    160 l
  • Max. Concrete Capacity
    4 m³
  • Adjustable turning speed in both directions
    0-22 rpm
  • Concrete Discharge Height
    986 - 1431 mm


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